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Meyer Super VLD Plow - Specifically for 1/2 ton trucks
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The Meyer EZ-Vector V Plow was Meyer's first attempt at building a V Plow, and they failed miserably. It was a full trip plow. It had single acting rams controlling the wings, and a spring to pull the wing back on each side. It used the V-66 Hydraulic Unit. It used a Touchpad controller. It was available as an EZ Classic Mount, or EZ Plus Mount. It as only available in an 8.5' width. There are not many of these still out there, though we get a few calls every year from customers looking for parts.

The Meyer Super-V was a completely new design. A very well thought out plan. The only gripe I hear (from those who do not own one I might add) is that the rubber (10 ply airplane tire section) center wiper should be eliminated, and they should use a formed cutting edge instead, like other manufacturers. (as of 2015 there is an accessory urethane center wiper kit available). The Super-V initially used the V-68 hydraulic unit. Then it quickly went to the Monarch (Bucher Hydraulics) built V-70 hydraulic unit which is current. It uses the 22695DC Pistol Grip controller with Automatic Raise Mode (ARM) and Automatic Lower Mode (ALM), or "Hands Free Plowing" as Meyer has branded it. It has double acting cylinders to control wing operation. It is a trip edge design, and each wing edge can trip individually. It is available in 8.5', 9.5', but not for long, as it is being discontinued, and replaced by the SV2 line.

Meyer SuperV2 (Original Design) Old (20+ years) Diamond V Plow

The Meyer SuperV2 is another new design, or is it? The above photos show the new Meyer SuperV2 on the left, and the old Diamond V plow on the right. They are similar in some ways, and very different in others. It is somewhat surprising that it took Meyer this long to come out with the flared wings like the Diamond, because Meyer bought Diamond in 1991. The Super-V2 is identical to the Super-V except it has the flared wings. The flared wings are 29.5" tall in the center, and they flare up to 40.5" on the tips. Available in 8.5', 9.5' and 10.5' widths. As of 2015, it is also available in stainless. The wings have been redesigned, and they no longer have the diagonal brace to the top wing tip. They added more steel at the bottom where it needed more strength. It is called "Version 2". Version 2 is 29.5" tall in the center, and 38.25" at the wing tips (SV2-8.5) and 39.5" (SV2-9.5) and 40.5" (SV-10.5).

  The Meyer Super-VLD is a light V plow specifically designed for 1/2 ton trucks. It is only available in a 7.5' width, and it does not have flared wings. Flared wings are not an option. It originally used the V-70 Hydraulic unit like the other V plows, and the Pistol grip controller with ARM/ALM. Now it uses it's own V-71 Hydraulic unit, and its own V-71 specific controller (22869X). Weighing in at around 582 pounds, it is ONLY available for 1/2 ton trucks like the Ram 1500 below.


You can view the Super V2 on the Meyer Products web site here:
Meyer Super V2


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